About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make you a successful negotiator.

Jane Dolente
Managing Principal
I help Fortune 1000 companies and professional services firms who worry about problems like these:

★ Leaving money on the table due to pricing pressure from the other side
★ Declining revenues caused by discounting to win business
★ Failing to make customers want your services enough to pay for them
★ Rising costs caused by conflict that unravels agreements and increases delays
★ Getting paid adequately for additional services caused by scope creep
★ Increasing costs caused by rework on agreements that can’t fully be implemented
★ Declining productivity caused by internal conflict
★ Increasing expenses caused by vendor turnover and the inability to build long term partnerships

Jack Debardelen
With 20 years’ experience as a management consultant, executive coach, and corporate trainer, Jack specializes in providing “Advanced Skills for Professional Negotiators” to Fortune 1000 companies – programs that transform mere knowledge into behavioral skills that get bottom-line results

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